It was 1994 when I was released from yet another hospital visit that I bought my first modem with a whopping speed of 28.8K.
There where no evil sites like facebook undressing you from every single private bit you have on you and selling it to the highest, equally evil, bidder. There was just the web and the first pioneers who started to venture out a bit.
It was a time you had to tell people in the house that they couldn't make a phone call for the next 30 minutes because someone was sending you a 3 MB file per e-mail.

Old Vampirella image.Around that time I found, while painfully slow searching for comic book related characters, an image that changed my life. It was a grubby image of a model dressed up as Vampirella and I, with my Photoshop 2.5 skills, decided to clean it up and send it back to the site I downloaded it from (without the obnoxious big logo).But instead of emailing it back to the website it landed somehow at a total different address. After some fore and backward mails, the receiver of that image asked me if I had a website and if not, he would be happy to host it. So after a few failed attempts, 4F got born.

In 1998 while my work as an airbrush retouch & illustrator ran somewhat into the ground, I noticed that the 4F website had seen over 1 million visitors. I was like, 'why not try and see if that can help me pay some bills' and started at the end of 1998 a (very modestly charged) membership site.

Today at the end of 2013, the 4F site is once again free of charge. We both have seen quite a lot of changes, some good some bad but we stayed true to our cause, creating and displaying fantastic fantasy images of women in shiny (sexy) outfits. Since some consider that a fetish we haven't shied away from that too, along as it remained 'good taste'. For me that means can I show it my mom and not have her go, 'omg, wtf is that, you're out of my will'.

If you go through the current available files or already have, you'll notice that there are some truly stunning images in here and some (cough) not so stunning, at least in my opinion. You may even say that I in some of my comments to my own work I seem harsh or even blunt.
I've been trying for years to put that into words as maturing and having a better "vision" towards mine and other peoples work, yet that did not cover it completely.

Then, just a few days ago while I was putting some dots on the current revamp of the site, I did a quick research if I was crediting the right artist for some inspiration and I ran into this quote:

"Sometimes I wonder if we ever really improve as artists or if the nirvana derived from completing a piece blinds us enough to love what we have created and move on to the next piece. If we could see the work as it is, with years of reflection in the here and now, how many images would end up in the trash rather than on the racks?" - Jim Lee.

I just leave it at that, hope you enjoy your stay and come back often to find more new exiting images to please your mind.

Rick (4)F. van Koert.
Rotterdam, Okt 29, 2013.