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Digital art, a young female in a rubber swimsuit, opera gloves and high-high boots is surrounded by slimy tentacles.
Cosshairs of the abyss.
It's hot, almost unbearably hot in here. Where it isn't covered by the highly polished, form-fitting rubber coating, sweat pours from Mercedes' bare skin.

Desperately, she tries to remain motionless against the strangely shaped bench. She keeps her chained opera-gloved arms stiff at her sides, even though every fiber in her young body screams for her to try to break free and run far, far away.

Away from the chains that keep her here. Away from this scorching heat and away from the slimy, slobbery tentacles that surround her in this nightmare that seems all too terrifyingly real.
Found in: Mars Needs Women.
Size: 2100 x 3733 px.
Tools: Photoshop/ Cinema 4D.
Digital art Wonder Woman in black latex and metal armor stands inside a high-tech greek palace while behind her a flown in payload is delivered.
Delivery to Themyscira.
"And what do you want?" she seems to say, as her impressive Amazon-shaped chest swells beneath her sleek, skintight latex battlesuit. “I do have more things to do today,” Wonder Woman growls as her gloved hand slides down her side to the short sword strapped to her shiny thigh. "More than looking at your lower jaw hanging on my polished marble floor here in Themyscira."

Sadly all you can do is stare at this 8th world wonder.

She sighs, rolls her eyes and turns away. Your freshly closed jaw drops open again as you stare at Wonder Woman's sparkling backside as she walks away in her 6" heels.
Found in: Fantasy.
Size: 2100 x 3733 px.
Tools: Photoshop/ Cinema 4D.
Digital art, top view of a busty woman in a light reflecting catsuit tied down to a rusty scifi device table.
Acclimatization of Serena (the).
Serena had barely arrived on this remote planet in the Forbidden Zone when she was knocked unconscious by unseen forces. After regaining consciousness, she realizes that she is strapped to a worn-out acclimatization table, that the mask covering her face forces a horrible tube deep down her throat and, to make matters worse, that she has a splitting headache.

Struggling fiercely to break free, she finds that her spacesuit has been removed and replaced with a super-tight, airtight rubber suit that envelops her from neck to toe. “What the hell is going on here?” she desperately wonders.
Found in: Fantastic.
Size: 2150 x 3360 px.
Tools: Photoshop/ Cinema 4D.
Digital art representation of a black haired life-like female android (Meg) squeezed into strapless pink latex lingerie, standing inside an office canteen, with texts like -purity- and -perfection- on the walls.
Helix-Rebith Presents:
The Meganoid Meg series III
Unaware that she is an artificially created product, Meg takes her first steps in her creators cafeteria. Like a pink, latex-covered cotton candy with a hourglass-shaped, corseted waist, she is the center of everyone's attention.

Her previously empty head is now filled with strange technical specifications such as her special (Tech III) extendable legs with adjustable feet. Or her adaptability to anything you can imagine. Like a mermaid tail for an enchanting day at the beach! Suddenly her perfectly formed lips open and with a stunned expression she exclaims loudly: “Meganoid Meg series III - The companion doll you always wanted!”
Found in: Mars Needs Women.
Size: 2000 x 3555 px.
Tools: Photoshop/ Cinema 4D.
An arrogant-looking scientist, stands in a worn old laboratory,  holds up and investigates her latest experiment in a container.
Do not disturb, you *will* regret this.
Her figure-hugging and shaping latex catsuit creaks softly as she raises her latest experiment for a closer look. From the other side of the containment glasses, muffled screams seep into the steamy laboratory. The hapless clones behind had been under the mistaken impression that she wasn't looking when they planned their escape. Truth to be told, she always is!

With a smile as cold as the permafrost that covers half the planet, the experiment is placed back in its incubator. She then blissfully caresses her shiny second skin with a grunt of pleasure as she turns her attention to the screen and the visitor who has just been captured. Finally! Fresh meat to play with!
Found in: Fantastic.
Size:  2100 x 3733 px.
Tools: Photoshop/ Cinema 4D.
Depersonalisation Chamber.
Michelle, dressed in very sexy shiny black lingerie, stands infront of the room with its terrifying name.
A small smile curling at the corners of her voluptuous mouth makes your heart jump with hope. With an opera-gloved hand she wipes some of the sweat from her glistening forehead. She then gracefully bends forward to pull up one of the black rubber stockings that hug her seemingly endless legs.

Suddenly, as if commanded by an invisible voice, she straightens her back and jerks her shoulders back. Then, without giving you another glance, she walks past you like a female robot on high heels, with her gaze set on infinity.
Found in: Mars Needs Women.
Size: 2400 x 3600 pixels.
Tools: Photoshop/ Cinema 4D.
(Skin Two)
"...who produces art that's very much the digital successor to the airbrushed androids of Sorayama. It's slanted towards fetish glamour, but it's original and there's some truly excellent Photoshop work in there. Definitely a site worth paying for."

(Lucid skin)
"While nearly all of the women on display are cinched, tied, wrapped and squeezed into some of the most outlandish costumes you'll ever see, this is ultimately a temple to the female form. You'll surely find someone to worship!"
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