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    Mars Needs Women - A story presented in HTML5.

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    Far, far into the future something is rattling its cage.

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    Zoom in on your favorite 4F images.

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    Private forum for the (cough) Elite! :wink2:

    Rick 4F
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    Forum for a short, free for all, SciFi comic.



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    Discuss anything 4F related here.

    Your whis(list). Who or what do you like to see getting a classic 4F treatment.

    Rick 4F

    Gallery accessible by members and up.

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  3. 4F Workspace

    W.i.p's, wires, research, all the stuff leading up to that 1 final image. 

  4. 4F Lounge

    Short notifications, errors bugs, sickness etc.


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    Post here to lift initial forum restrictions. Includes two 4Forum usage guides.

    Rick 4F

    Off Topic

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    Anything goes, as long as it stays 'clean'. No fighting, no pr0n = no hardcore anything, etc.


    Links to other sites of interest. I'd love links back!

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  5. 4F Attic

    Archive of things I am/have been working on or stumbled over. (Viewable by guests).

    A few (6) before / after slide images. 

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