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    • I thought that might be the case - wasn't sure if you bothered with them at all.   The artistic stuff is still best (and more satisfying) by hand.    Anyway, anything they produce is based on someone else's handiwork isn't it? 
    • Heh. !
      My distaste for these image-mashup apps hasn't reached you yet I see. . I hope I don't offend you, or anyone else for that matter, but I prefere to use my own brain and hands instead of relying on some copy software with high "jackpot->roll the dice and we'll see what it ends up with" content in it. I don't mind using it as a tool though! For small things, like the rings in Sydney's outfit, those are for a large part 'ai' made, though the 'ai' failed at some, so it was back to old school handwork for those. Same for her collar and bracelets. I tried to give Adobe's crippled 'ai' clear prompts like for example, punk rock bracelets with pyramid shaped studs, and it was totally unable to satisfy my needs. So I ended up creating them in '3D' myself. Which was in the end a lot more satisfying then ordering a "genie" to do my work. 
      I had some training plans for an 'ai' (try to see if it could change facial expressions) but a certain memory nVidea component can't be installed on Intel Mac's, so my Mac keeps running straight out of memory. And I sold my aging PC a few weeks ago so that's about it for me when it comes to 'ai' use. 
    • It's pretty obvious where you got the inspiration for the background of this one  I just think it's interesting how much of a trademark your "usual" environments are. One might think it's all about the hot latex-clad ladies in them, but it really is more than that.
    • Yes, I don't think DalE2, Midjourney etc are quite ready to produce great works of art just yet, any more than Photoshop!  Good though the results sometimes are... have you tried submitting any of your images to them to see what thy can do?  (e.g. extend the background...) or does that not appeal?
    • It's very deliberately not based in or on any scifi setting. What I set out to do was to keep it really close to what was visible in the shows first season whitout following it all too slavish. And Sydneys costume isn't too far fetched either, given the fact she showed up (albeit not for prolonged time) twice in a rubber outfit, once in a tight corset and a handful of times in flimsy sexy lingerie. 
      And as she is the one who always dresses up and by keeping it close to the shows origin I decided to have the other agents wearing casual wear. Though the receptionist got a nice dose of reflection-sauce. I think this intensifies that what Sydney is wearing makes her stand out even more, confirming she's not part of the rest. Something that was clear in the first season (she went to college to become a teacher) but what was ditched very quickly later on.
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