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    Batgirl in her protective latex catsuit Batsuit.Welcome to the 4F: The Fantastic Fantasy & Futuristic Females!

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    So what are you waiting for? Sign up and see where 4F's imagination takes you!
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      Become an Elite Member and access all for just $14.95/Year (more details inside).

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      Discuss anything 4F related here.

    3. 4F Requests.

      Place here your whis(list) who you'd like to see next getting a classic 4F treatment.

    4. 4F's week in review.

      Archived will no longer be used.

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    1. Work in Progress & 4Finals

      W.i.p's, wires, research, all the stuff leading up to that 1 final image. 

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      Daily (sortoff) thingies I'm working on. (Viewable by guests).

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      A forum that informs you what's new in the downloads section.

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      Short lasting notifications, errors bugs, sickness etc.

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      Post here to lift initial forum restrictions and two 4Forum usage guides.

    3. MNW - Teaser (Members).   (1,663 visits to this link)

      Mars Needs Women - A Science Fiction story with lots of damsels in latex, presented in HTML5. Teaser for those who signed up to the 4Forums (Members) but hesitate of upgradig for free to 'Advanced Member', which you can do so by clicking here.

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      You can discuss anything off topic here as long as it stays 'clean'. No fighting, no pr0n = no hardcore anything, etc.

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