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  2. Rick 4F


    Yeah. I for one am totally not blown away and 'underwhelmed' is not covering it. But then again I'm not a big fan of these shows. First season Flash was great until the end forked it up, since then it's gotten only worse. Green Arrow first 2 seasons great then it goes down the drain. Supergirl, I stopped watching halfway the first episode Those time traveling guys, I bought the first season on blu-ray, first episode had so many plot holes I never watched the rest. Oh I feel bad.
  3. Lol! That's NOT supposed to happen to females!
  4. 4Eyes


    Is this from the new TV show? I'd have preferred rubber but could live with this.
  5. Oh, I can't wait till pon farr!
  6. Rick 4F


    Silk Spectre (who's actually wearing latex) portrait by Malin Akerman. No idea why some photo's are wrongly tagged. :/
  7. It's a nice show. Far less silly then the Flash or Arrow these days (I liked the first 2 seasons before it went down hill). Only silly thing is that no-one seems to recognize Black Lightning suited up and go, 'hey, aren't you....?'
  8. Ehhehe, somehow I missed that. oopsie.
  9. This is actually the Marvel character Black Cat, not DC's Catwoman. Very similar concepts, but different characters.
  10. I'm going to have to start watching this!
  11. If she where my partner and I was 20 years younger I wouldn't be behind my computer this much. Heck, I wouldn't be behind it at all!
  12. There's some serious figure shaping going on underneath her latex catsuit. Hot, hot hot. (literally) Sadly this costume only lasts 2 episodes. After those her new suit is far less "comic book like" then this one. Still A+ from me for the effort.
  13. Me too! She's on my bucket list. (which reaches Mars by now...)
  14. You wrote that before. It's a bit up/down show for me. Some people stopped watching because of Jada Pinkett (shrug). For me the absolute star is the Penguin, he's so fabelous to watch. There's a nice proto-joker and the Riddlers 'coming of age' is also nice to watch. But it sometimes gets really silly. You need to be able to turn your brain off for some episodes. There's some nice tight leather for some of the lady villains but this image is the first time I really spotted the use of latex. Here's hoping there'll be more.
  15. 4Eyes


    I may have to start watching this.
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