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Hi there. :) (21-11-2021)

This club option has been present for quite a while but there's a lot of settings and 'what ifs' involved in setting this up, so only a few days ago I created the time to sit down and began configuring and setting up these posibilities for the 'Elite' Member group.

Remember, this is free of charge. If it's going to cost me money, or it's being abused it's game over.

This is an experiment, a test to see where things lead to. Anything should be treated as and is subject to change. Do not hang your future on this, treat it as a fun add on from this website, a little 'thank you' from me to you for signing up and to those who have been a supporter for so long.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions.

You agree not to use this Club Service:
  • for Pornography
  • for Illegal Activities.
  • for Hate Content.
  • for Content that harms minors in any way.
  • for web-dumps of other sites
  • for Advertisement.
No Pornography.

No male reproductive organs, no hardcore sex or vulgarities. Erotica, suggestive themes are ok though.

No Hate Content.

You are not permitted to submit hate propaganda or hate art, or anything that implies and encourages violent acts against any individual, race, ethnic or social group(s).

No Content that harms minors.

Including, but not limited to, uploading, posting, or otherwise transmitting content that violates child pornography laws, child sexual exploitation laws or laws prohibiting the depiction of minors engaged in sexual conduct, or submitting any personally identifiable information about any child under the age of 17.

No Advertisement.

You can use this Club Service to promote your blog/website or social media account(s). As long as you keep adding (periodically) content that's fine. But this service is not meant to promote or advertise (for example) the products of a steelpipe factory at Kuala Lumpur or 'Larry's Truckstop' in Ohio.

New clubs always have to be approved by me before they can go live.

By creating a club here on 4F you acknowledge that you have read and understand these rules and conditions and agree with these rules and conditions and that everything here is subject to change and rules can be added or modified without warning.
Club Content Area's Explained.
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