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  3. Hi, I've seen your work when I found your DeviantArt page. Just saying, but it is top notch!
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    Hi Rick and fellow members. I was a prior member over ten years ago and regret being so busy I did not stay active on your site. Did I mention I love your art work and manner in which it is created. While posting on DeviantArt I ran across some of your art work and decided to return to your site. Wow, your work still is impressive. Thanks again for continuing with your art work and your assistance in logging in (Old Passwords don't work any longer.).
  5. Not a robot, just a guy from Canada.
  6. Hello all, Nice to see all these nice pictures. I am wondering how I can get them as a large picture (XXXXXL) on the wall in my house :-) All the best.
  7. Your work is fantastic. Love love love beautiful woman beautifully displayed (and preferably restrained) in skin tight latex, corsets, posture collars, harnesses, and cuffs. Nice!
  8. Space Amazons have moved.

    I moved the entire gallery thread 'Space Amazons' and 'Angel' into a new 'Club'. The goals is in the end to have the gallery with my work only. (And I think it looks better in club form )
  9. Weird that my logo survived but my name didn't. Then again, I might not have always signed my images with my name too. Good to read you found your way in the end to the guy behind '4F, namely me'! A long time ago, I made a few (tiny) VR movies for the castle story, that was way before today's possibilities. But I was never blown away with how emergent it was or what the added benefit it had. Having said that, their size may have contributed to that feeling. I just dug this up. It was made previous century and I can only show a screenshot of it as you need the old QT 7 plug-in for it to work. But I'm willing to consider venturing into this road again if you could tell me how you'd see this work. Or better, what would you like to see in a VR pano/walkthrough from my hand.
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    Hi. I was introduced to your work after looking at an exhibit of Hajima Sorayama's hyper-realistic pieces back in... I want to say around 2000 or so. They were signed "4F", and for quite some time after I'd chance across another "4F" piece in various online galleries, which I always felt was a treat. It wasn't until recently (say in the last few years or so) that I found out what your name was, Rick, and upon searching google, found my way here. Incidentally, have you considered setting up one of your fantastic scenes as a panorama or even VR walkthrough? You have some gorgeous sets for your characters.
  11. exactly that one. Thanks. rascaldi :)
  12. This one? https://4f-creations.com/site/forum/index.php?/topic/172-increadible-tiny-waist-tv-commercial-1061/
  13. Good to see you found your way back! I think I must have that file somewhere (digital hoarder as I am). Will take a bit to find though. I'll see what I can do.
  14. You were my first exploration into latex stuff back in the 90's. I've lost contact with your site during the early 2000's but now I wanted to see whether you were still around. And to my joyful surprise, you are. So here I am again, hope you can deal with my appreciation of your work ;=) rascaldi :) By the by, do you still have that video file of the chick with the incredibly small waist line?
  15. Hello there! Love the art!
  16. screenshot of 1 of my club sections ^_^asian_club.jpg.d0a82101649411c272b6331bdf529b09.jpg

  17. Thank you! I'm honored in the even so slightest to (maybe) have contributed a tiny bit in such a great project! Thank you for sharing this. Welcome back! 21 years and lots of changes later, I'm a bit surprised myself I'm still here . On to the next 21! Thank you and you too, welcome back! Hi Wade! Yes things are stable at the moment so I can spend more time on the creative parts of life. Glad you like the website. Was a bit of a gamble to place everything in a forum at first but it freed me of so much .HTML, .PHP, .CSS, website (in)compatibility and whatnot hassle I endured over the past 19-20 years, I really feel I finally build my home on the internets. Cheers! You and everybody else, thank you for taking the time to write a little bit. Much appreciated!
  18. Hey there Rick, as many others in this post I too have been a huge fan of yours from waay back and love your work!! Am most happy to see that you are more active recently and really like the changes to this website... Hopefully life has been treating you better and you are doing well!!! I am a fan for life... Many thanks for all the great work you do and continued success. Wade
  19. Hi Rick ! I'm a fan of your work since the early 2000. I really love your fine art.
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    Hey, I found you back in 1996 when I first discovered internet. Lost track and was surprised to find you again.
  21. Hi, Well I have been following your work for years. My wife is an artist that uses/used Photoshop in her work on the Space Shuttle program. In the past, I showed her some of your stuff and she insisted we get the "how to" cd's you sold a few years ago. I don't think she did any chicks but she smoothed out a few lines in picture here and there. Thanks for all your work. Paul
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    Hi Rick, Just loving this place - very nice pics and good stuff :-)
  23. hi, your work is amazing.
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