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  2. Recently going through old book and magazine collection. Came to mind Heavy Metal Magazine and Metal Hurling first gave me sense 4F had during the 90's. A shame Heavy Metal went down in popularity. Taarna Rules! and 4F needed to happened! :hall2000:

  3. Sorry, understood do what is needed. Elders come first.
  4. Sad, stressful times - my heart goes out to you . Take whatever time you need - priority is clear...
  5. Big hugs, Rick. I know something about the sorrows you're facing. If need somewhere to vent, you know my email address.
  6. You have my sympathies. Count your blessings that you have had your parents for as long as you have. This inevitable loss is something we are never fully prepared for.
  7. Rick -- So very sorry your patents and you are all going through this. I truly hope things take a turn for the better. -- David
  8. I think we all understand that you have different things on your mind at the moment. Take the time you need to handle the situation as best you can — for your parents and for yourself. And hopefully, things will look less grim in the near future. Good luck to all of you!
  9. Hi all! I don't want to write this but it's only fair to keep you in the loop. The last 10 days or so have been rough here with the "high point" yesterday of my father being lifted out of his home by 2 firetrucks accompanied by 2 ambulances. I might be fooling around online, but when I'm not, I'm driving between my ailing mother or father whose health steeply dropped the past last days. My mother as you may know has had a brain anurism and a few months later when she was getting a lot better had a brain infarction, which was just too much for my frail 86 year old mother. She's been given up before but she crawled her way back up, but now it really looks like, and she thinks so too, that she's busy at her last rounds here on this planet Earth. My father is a heavy hearth patient, with COPD (lung disease) and kidney problems, who kept the last weeks falling down, where external help was needed to get him up again. At first he refused to leave the house, but finally last week he realized he needed, at least for now, 24 hour care, and with a lot of help from others they found a temporary place for him in a care home this Saturday, so he could recover a bit and maybe, maybe get home after that. Unfortunately yesterday when they where just about to transport him to the care home, he got sick, lost consciousness for a bit and well the whole circus started to get him a.s.a.p. into the hospital. He's doing relatively ok now, but has anemia and of course heart, lung and kidney problems. The only "good" thing is that I can see the hospital from here and it's only a 5 min drive in my electrical powered chair. So visiting him is easy. With all that I haven't been able to do anything on a next new image and to be honest my head is spinning too much, to think of something new right now. And each day it seems there is a new calamity in the family. So this is a heads up that there will be a (bit) of a delay for the next image of my hand to show up. My apologies for the delay, I hope you can understand creating tight shiny dressed ladies isn't exactly a priority in my head right now. Sincerely, -- Rick F. van Koert
  10. As the topic title does say, non-recurring subscriptions are no longer available as of today.It's a pity as they could pull some hessitant people over to pay for a subscription. Sadly the forum system and/or Paypal cannot handle those. I wrongly assumed they could, but it means those who use/used this option, needed to be manually moved out of the 'Elite members' group when their subscription ran out. And I'm not keeping my head in the admin section all the time so... I demoted today some from the 'Elite' members group who's subscriptions ran out in 2019/2020...! You are fine if you currently have a non-recurring subscription (which is not out of subscription time), it will still work untill it's time is up. -- Rick
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