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  1. Working a bit on a scene that is in the works for years I added last year a gated dome that is being pulled up. Part of that mechanism is this next thing and I'm trying to find a not too visual eye-catching way to contain the pulley.


    So I thought up the next encasing:

    Problem is no matter how you texture this (even when I round of the corners) it will not look as a holder made out of individual stones.
    Maybe if I learned to properly UV map I might pull it off but yep, one day. So looking at it I came on the idea to build it out of individual cubes instead out of just 1 and to distort their square looks with the use of sub polygon displacement (SPD). Adding some random sub divisions to the cubes themselfes you get this without SPD,
    And this with the SPD  turned on:

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