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  1. Huawei screens and Apple keyboards? Thought your world was more advanced (plus I think Apple keyboards make typing brackets harder than this one does) Seriously though, a separate texture/material for each key? Why not map the sides of each key to the same grey gradient and the upper side to one larger texture? The legs of your classic chair look a bit tall to me, but that may be intentional to make up for the high heels of its users? Again, I like the stark contrast, this time between futuristic and classic environmental elements. Lastly, that finished interior looks very nice to me, the clash between old-school suitcase and organic plant on one side and the sterile surrounding is pretty fascinating!
  2. Just balance both materials as nicely as on this one Yes, I know, like SO much easier said than done...
  3. The newly sun-lit background is definitely a nice upgrade! But the stark contrast between latex and fur will always be more attention-grabbing for me
  4. A damsel in distress is always welcome In regards to your non-linear creation process, I suppose everyone here is happy when they see something new from you, whether it's something hinted at earlier or something completely different. Sooo, post anything you want
  5. Yes, greed is my second name! I am not sure what you mean by "seatbelt checker". I was referring to the second character (guard) who could ensure Rebecca is properly strapped into her seat. To do so, she would of course have to stand in front of her, bending over slightly, showing us her shiny butt. But no matter which direction she ends up facing, I am sure you will make her shine. Pun intended. As for the directions of the seats. Yes, troop transports in most cases have this setup, so do public transports. But I don't think this rule applies to such a high-velocity means of transportation. Then again: fantasy, DUH. Ignore me trying to be a smartass
  6. This is definitely one of my favorites from your classic artworks, so improving on it is not going to be easy. But seeing your latest work, you can do it 😉 What you write about safety sounds reasonable, but I am a bit afraid such a proper seat would hide her butt, which would be a shame ^^ But having the transport stand still at a station would offer the option to have such seats installed with our passenger not yet fully strapped in so that's very good idea. Then again, seeing your WIP scene makes me wonder whether such a high-velocity means of transportation would allow for this placement of the seats. I would expect them all to be pointing in or opposite the moving direction for comfort and safety reasons. Thinking about the second character, maybe she could be standing in front of Rebecca, performing a routine check on her safety belts to make sure she stays put. That way we could have Rebecca's beautiful front combined with a nice rear. Problem solved 😁 Either way, looking forward to what you come up with!
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