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After you've initially signed up for the 4Forum and validated your email address you are no longer registered here as 'guest' but as a 'member'. Here is a short description what is (un)possible for what group and how to get the most out of the 4Forum.


Have very limited forum function. Can read but not reply. Most forums are hidden. Cannot download, comment or review files. Must sign up for the 4Forum to promote to the 'members' group.

Can see more forums. Cannot create new topics or download attachments. Can download files from the 'downloads' but not comment or review. Cannot access 'chat'. Can upgrade to the 'advanced members' group by making one (1) approved post here in the introduction forum.

Advanced Members
Have access to the entire forum (Except the elite forum). Can post, reply and create new topics where applicable. Can access the '4F High Resolution Images' made up to Oktober 2015. Anything new after that requires an 'Elite' membership to be viewed/downloaded. 

Elite Members
Have bought a subscription from the store. They can acces 'chat' and have besides all the benefits of 'advanced members' exclusive access to the newest release of highest resolution 4F images. Note that by buying a subscription you do not need to make (1) approved post as a 'member'.



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