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Rick 4F

New 4Forum mail address.

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Every so now and then I send out a bulk mail to inform people about any new updates to this site. I actively try to avoid it becoming spam as I too loath spam so it’s only when there’s something really new or important.

The problem was that the forum software used this website’s host mail system which, because of spam, doesn’t allow any more messages to be send then 130 per hour. The bulk mail system pushes everything out at once and any attempt in the past month’s to spread out the load like 10 mails per 10 minutes failed. 

It meant that a lot of mails send out bounced back to my “rikof” mailbox, where I then (in a cumbersome way) manually had to copy and paste the bounced email addresses into a new global addressed (Hi there, instead of Hi your_forum_nickname), email and resend my message.  

I was suggested at some point “to pick a new mail host” but since I knew nothing about CNAME’s, type’s, Value’s, DNS records, DKIM, bouncing domains and what not, I let it be the way it was.


Today though I know a little bit (very little bit) more about these things and after 3 weeks of struggling I’m happy to say that this forum now uses a new email host and since it’s first message landed in my spam folder it’s a good idea to inform you about just that.



If you have your forum preferences set to receive mail from me and/or this forum keep an eye on your spam folder or make sure to allow (4forum)at(email(dot)4f-creations(dot)com)
Just remove all the “()”, change “at” to @ and “dot” to an actual “.”

My old “rikof” address still remains active, only mails sent from 4Forum will use the new address.

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