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Rick 4F

December 18 - More work in progress.

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Following up from the December 5 Works in progress I have a quick update.

What I have in my head (what I want)  is a 2-3 page "comic". But I'm not sure if I can enough material together for it. If not I'll switch to plain image with text thingy. I'll just have to wait and see where this "ship hits the shore". :smile:

An interior I finished last week:

This is another interior. One I'm struggling with for the past 2 days. A look from behind an information desk/reception. The goal is to we have someone leaning over the desk while we get a clue where or how this guest did arrive -> rocket like thingy in the back.

Far from being a furniture crafter, I don't dislike how the chair in the back which I made yesterday turned out.

It's made after I did some searching about information desks, more what I could find behind them which led me to the next image which made me realize I liked the chair so I decided to see if I could model it and use it in my scene.

Prototype of an One person Rocket Glider (ORG) I slapped together  yesterday.

I didn't like the 'ORG' much yesterday but I had spend 6-8 hours behind the computer and it was time to call it a day so I turned on Netflix and the 3d season of 'Travelers'.

This morning I decided to see what would happen if I took the prototype and started to refine it,

It's far from finished but it's getting some character I think.

Another thing I worked yesterday on is a 3D keyboard. That's way more work then I ever expected. Because I'm bad at UV mapping I'm forced to make for each key a separate texture then apply that to the key. Yesterday I worked on the far right side keys and realized that I didn't like how big the letters and numbers are. Which means I can manually redo all textures again. It's a good opportunity to start properly naming everything as naming things cube-cube-cube-cube/mat-mat-mat-mat etcetera isn't really helpful if you're looking for one specific material or object.

Last wip contains somewhat of a spoiler so I turned it into a link (as I cannot seem to get the spoiler tag to work :mad1:).
It's another interior with a big indication what's going on, so if you rather wait for the final image(s), do not click this link


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Huawei screens and Apple keyboards? Thought your world was more advanced (plus I think Apple keyboards make typing brackets harder than this one does) :wink2:

Seriously though, a separate texture/material for each key? Why not map the sides of each key to the same grey gradient and the upper side to one larger texture?

The legs of your classic chair look a bit tall to me, but that may be intentional to make up for the high heels of its users? :smile2: Again, I like the stark contrast, this time between futuristic and classic environmental elements.

Lastly,  that finished interior looks very nice to me, the clash between old-school suitcase and organic plant on one side and the sterile surrounding is pretty fascinating!

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On 12/19/2018 at 9:13 PM, XJ220 said:

Huawei screens and Apple keyboards? Thought your world was more advanced (plus I think Apple keyboards make typing brackets harder than this one does) :wink2:

Hehehee, :bigsmile: Apple keyboard = old texture. I'm still in the process of re-texturing the keys. As you mentioned it should be way easier to to that but even with your description I have no idea how to do that.
I just couldn't resist with all the recent news about huawei to put that under my screens. 
I'm still debating if this is a separate from the rest mini story or if I insert it into the MNW-verse. If the later it will be 20-40 years before the main story so it's very good possible we'll see relics from the past show up like Apple or Huawei.

You read my mind about the classic chairs. During modeling I could have sized the legs down to normal height but I liked the look of these high legs and gave it an 'excuse' as it being handy for when you're all day on high-heels. :bigsmile2:

That briefcase, yah... How does a (classy) briefcase look in the future? :euhm: I just needed something that in one glance said 'abandoned by an administrative/office worker' and this came out of it. 

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