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Rick 4F

January 01 - Happy New Year!

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And have a great 2019! :blush1:

So I've been trying past days to squeeze out a background for my first image of 2018. I had this free credits on Google Zync worth 300 bucks or so and decided to make use of it to get a feel for the service. Basically I setup my render as usual but instead of rendering it here out I let Google do it. It's probably best used if you do animations but I was "I don't do animations" so lets see how it works with stills. 

It's driving me crazy. :zipped: 

One big problem is that you can't see the progress the render makes. Is it at 1/3, halfway? Almost ready? Your guess is as good as mine. So I cancelled my first render after 24 hours as it was too much even for Google.  Then I tried what I am working on now as it's not as heavy. 
Before I go further I must explain that I learned to chop my renders up in parts. This way if something is wrong I notice it a lot sooner then if I wait for the entire render to finish. I gave Google Zync 1/3 and ran the same here to see how much if any benefit I get. Zync finished 2.5 hours earlier on this project on a 32 GB machine. I didn't try a 64GB  machine as that costs too much to try things out and that would quickly gobble up all my credit. Plus thing is that I don't have to deal with the heat the render machine produces.

And then I noticed something odd. The fog I have in my outdoor scene floated halfway in the sky. 
I do many, many, many many! pre-renders while I'm working at a background and I was sure the fog should be several meters lower. So I do a pre-render on my machine and yup, the fog floats way too high in the air.

There's no reason for that but it is. I go back to an earlier backup file and check. My fog is positioned in the right place so I redo the fog, check it, check it again then send it renewed to Google. I go to bed, wake up happy happy as I have my first part rendered, check the file and the fog is once again up in the air. Not only in the render but also in my original file that I just hours ago had fixed!

It's insane but somehow activating Zync lifts my fog up in the sky?:omg:


Don't mind the little jump and missing figure, I had to use an old render but you can clearly see the fog jump up, which is Zync's work somehow. If it's at the bottom it is how it's before I use Zync, if it's up it's after using Zync. Mucho weirdo!

So in the end I ended up rendering the background out myself.:zipped: It sux because the background would had been ready by now if guggle hadn't fuggled my fog up. 

To be continued!

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