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Rick 4F

Sick (but on the mend)

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Just a little update on when you can expect next the 4F image update.

In a little bit more then month I've been sick twice now. Both times was a result of my damaged kidneys which as you may know are performing at a measly 30%. If you're healthy you should have near 200% kidney function so what I have is pretty bad but luckily stable (for now). 

Unfortunately my last antibiotics cure was not enough or the right one to kill the last batch of internal bugs. It means I'm currently on yet another antibiotics cure. Good news is that this time it seems to work. Bad news is that during the time I was sick the discomfort made it pretty hard to keep working on 4F related images.


So there will be a bit of a gap between last image update and the next (My goal is always to (try to) do monthly uploads).

I'll do my best to get next release out as soon as possible.



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