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Interrogation cell 161b

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Start: March 22
Finish: April 2
3911 × 2200

January 28, 2021, ouch! Time indeed flies, the older I get the faster it seems to move. I remember time at school where the hours seemingly took days to get by. These days, starting at 08.00 I look back up at the clock and it's already 15.00 hours! Worse, I sometimes get the feeling I haven't done a thing in those hours. That's not true but... ugh!

Back to January 28, 2021, I uploaded this image:

and 2 more in the same vein a month (and a half) later, as I had the beginning of this story in my head.

Wrote a part of it down and then, trying to figure things out I realized that the beginning of this had to be sans rubber.:hall2000: Quite a challenge for me! More so, the image I had in my head wouldn't materialize on the screen. Admittedly I was afraid of it. Afraid of not getting the results I had in my head right, so I moved on to and with other projects. 

I didn't forget it though, over time I created and rendered some space/planet scenes and last year I spend some time on building a snowscape with landing-pads etc. just to set a certain mood. 


and then I started working on the interior of the interrogation cell. 

chair2-chair.jpg.5a25d060693578748c08ef3d61bf44fa.jpgTwo weeks ago I decided to take the jump and see how far I would get with the final image. I gave myself 3 days to decide if I was on the right track or abort and quickly start a new project. 
After 3 days I still wasn't sure but I was starting to get reasonable good vibes from the raw image so a kept going. I spend the afternoons on the text and today I put everything together.

I wasn't sure at first where to put the story but starting a whole new forum for it felt wrong so I put it under the MNW banner, where the code-frame to hold the animation and text already existed.

I'll do my best to add the second part, with rubber dressed women:blush3:, to this story a bit sooner then 2 years from now...

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Haha women in ordinary clothing are intimidating, aren't they? :bigsmile2:

I too like the snowscape scene. Has a certain real-time strategy game vibe to it (from one of those cutscenes from back in the day, of course).

The interrogation room is highly intriguing, esp. knowing that a beautiful woman will end up right in its center :devil:

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