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Agent Sydney reporting for duty!

Rick 4F

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Start: August 24, 2023
End: September 14, 2023
Size: 4419 × 2150

All the tools a desk bound spy needs:



I was actually working on this:

...or better what's going on behind the steamy window, :blush3: when searching for one of my many saved 3D files I kept running into corrupted files. :omg:

Some still had their thumbnail preview: 


ScreenShot2023-08-16at09_40_31.png.dcbad6616b8e479b6f73689f0c7a5437.pngbut they sadly were as corrupted as the rest. I spend therefor a lot of hours trying to figure out what still worked and what was ripe for the trashcan.

Then it appeared not only my 3d files suffered from corruption, also other image files of which amongst others some of my stored, original high-res 4F images got damaged like this very recent one. Those fancy 'happy birthday' bars shouldn't be there:



This one I was able to repair with parts of other saved files that were also damaged too, but fortunately in different area's. I was lucky I still got it and its sister files open. Other image files are so corrupt they no longer open. After fixing this one I stopped looking for more damaged files, it was just way too depressing. 


telephone_system_by375w-2x.jpg.ee3bcb904e5253db3b9fcccad107d073.jpgI have to explain, I've got too much stuff. I'm an hoarder when it comes to digital files.
Not only women but also stuff like this, as an sample to quickly build a prop in one of the more realistic 3D scenes.





steel_windows-q2ii-pre.thumb.jpg.7245ed1cd2bac220182d4c274056f3f5.jpgOr this (which like the above is spam I caught on Deviantart), but gives a good insight into window frames. Way too much parts here you'll never see and I don't need to build, but I had no idea of the strip in the middle. Trying to build a convincing 3D scene, this is info I may incorporate at some point which may help to increase the feeling of a scene's accuracy.


Anyway, so much stuff doesn't fit onto my tiny Mac M1, so I've got 4 SSD's attached to it. There is one that backs up some files but not the files that got corrupted (of course). The reason why things got corrupted is that when I go away for prolonged time the Mac either falls asleep on its own or I put it to sleep. In both cases it happens that the SSD's are NOT properly put to sleep by whatever system manages that and the file structure of the SSD's get damaged.👻 <=not.

I've now made a backup of most of the files on an old Apple router with 4TB of storage (yeah, a router with storage even Apple had no idea why, so they stopped building it). The only problem is, it's slow to access and eats energy. There was a time when plugging something in was a no-brainer but these days it's something I have to keep an eye on. When I go to bed for example the only things that consume electricity here are my refrigerator and the alarm clock next to my bed. Heck, even my doorbell is turned off.:omg:

So I got a bit depressed and lost the fun working on the image you can see partially above and I found myself watching an old series from the beginning of 2000 called 'Alias'. Amazing that this vehicle made it to 5 seasons. 

jennifer-gardner-latex-blue-dress.thumb.jpg.7c6e7d757daafda3eb157551b86716e5.jpgA clearly never crystalized brainfart from J.J. Abrams about the inventions of some sort of obscure Leonardo da Vinci-like genius with knowledge about science that should had been not-known in the 15th century popping up in a few episodes and further only an excuse to put it's leading lady in sexy lingerie and other flimsy, low-cut, tight tops and outfits (even 2 times rubber ones👻).

Not that I mind the latter part but boy, is this show bad! Which is not so strange when you see names as 'Kurtzman' and 'Orci' pass by on the start/end title screen. Both are well known for the garbage they have created on Star Trek shows. So you get dumb shit like: "the government recently put satellites in orbit that can read brainwaves" (just to cover up bad writting and giant plot holes). But when these two leave or relinquish control, it's almost impossible to think off, this series gets even worse! Like season 4 which I'm currently elbowing through.

I must admit I never had a 'thing' for Jennifer Garner (Electra, gah!🤢). Not even back in the early 2000's when images of her in that now famous blue rubber dress showed up. But the first 6 episodes of 'Alias' weren't too bad and I got a "feeling" for the CIA offices. Not that I wanted to fully recreate them, but I thought it might be fun having Sydney show up in her 'working clothes' for her next assignment at work. Before she's getting sighted and probably caught (as per usual), unless she makes it to the front door of the home/hotel/castle the bad dudes currently occupy. Because then she's magically scott-free. And let's not talk about jet-lag or traveling in the morning to Cuba then on the same day to Germany, digging up graves there then, still the same day, getting back home in the US just in time for dinner. 🤯

At least I know now what gave birth to the horrific characters of 'Neelix' or 'Dr. Plox'. Oh yes, there's no doubt about that!

I hope you like Agent Sydney, worst spy ever (as she always gets caught), in her new outfit. I think there might be more to 'explore' here of Ms. Bristow in future images. What do you think?

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Crazy how digital files can get damaged in a way that reminds you of analogue media :retard2:

I've got all five seasons of ALIAS sitting on my shelf ^^ Can't say that Jennifer Garner was ever my dream woman, but boy does she look hot in some of her disguises! And I think in season five, she gets joined by Rachel Nichols. Oh man :love:

Anyhow, I also remember the many flaws of this series. Bad CGI, permanent cliffhangers and cutbacks, awful "renditions"of European venues... *sigh*

But characters like Marshal and Sydney's father made for some great entertainment. Not sure I'll ever watch it again, though.

Now IF the show had Sydney in very shiny and revealing latex in it like your creation does... that'd change things dramatically :bigsmile2:

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