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  1. I'm currently re-re-re-re-re-rendering this. I'm at the moment only rendering the top half right now and then I'll render some local small parts of it, with and without the straps so the straps can later, when everything is combined, properly placed on the occupant of this "research table". It will be this time without the center device. :) I had it fully cabled up and like this, with just one cable attached and it is/feels still too 'crude'. Too obvious. Not 'sexy'. Too much 'in your face' as they say, at least for me. The bottom part still needs some modeling too. I only added it in last Friday as I originally cut the image off right above the area where the bottom 'keyboard holder' now is located. The reason why I added more space to the bottom part is that I decided that once all pieces come together it won't be looking great with the machine's occupants feet cut-off. Maybe I can do something there at the bottom, or between the 'legs'. Forebode stuff not 'push it into your face'. I began modeling this last summer. Took me a few times to figure out how to approach this with no sketches or such. It started with a picture of a bikini model standing with her legs spread on a brightly lit beach. One hand on her hip, the other up in her hair. I removed the 'hand on hip arm' and replaced it with a mirrored copy of the 'hand in hair arm' so both her arms where in the same direction. Then I slapped some quick digital rubber on the scantly dressed model and saw that it had potential to become more. So I placed the 2D image in #Cinema4D and posed a 3D poser figure more or less into the same pose as the model on the image, after which I started to cube-model the above around it. As written it took me a few times before I got it where I wanted it. I made a few renders and then I got cold feet. That happens often to me. This is not an easy thing, mixing a 2D image into a 3D render and make it look convincing and it's so, <em>so</em> easy to fork it up. Especially when you move someone standing in a bikini from a brightly lit beach into a darkly lit room, laying down, strapped to a research table, dressed from neck to toe in shiny latex. Oh, and then I forget to mention that the model is, should be, wearing some sort of head gear, only leaving her eyes free. Last summer I build some sort of mask and at first I was happy with it but then I started to doubt. That, combined with my 'cold feet' made me put this project in the "freezer", next to many other projects until I got my confidence for this project back. And that was last week! Final image will be cut in a 19 high by 13 wide ratio. I render this out in a 13 high by 19 wide ratio because otherwise the camera perspective really looks jarring. I maybe can fix that changing the camera's angle but this works too. Only downside are huge PS files when you layer things up. Of course not saving the render as a 32 bit file (which I discovered I have no idea how to properly convert down to an 8 bit file), helps too. Things to do: - Finish bottom part of the 3D model. - Add something potentially "menacing" between the 'legs' of the table. - Render bottom part out. - Finish head gear, connect it to apparatus in the top then render it out. - Put 2D rubberized ex-bikini model in/on the table and strap her in. - Polish the model up, add both her lower legs (original photo is cut off at the knees), give her feet wear (ballet boots?). - Finish the image. - Write next entry in the 'Castle of Evil Incarnation-redux' (where this image is aimed at). - Compose Hype HTML 5 file. - Put all the stuff online. - Pick up next project.
  2. Just a little update on when you can expect next the 4F image update. In a little bit more then month I've been sick twice now. Both times was a result of my damaged kidneys which as you may know are performing at a measly 30%. If you're healthy you should have near 200% kidney function so what I have is pretty bad but luckily stable (for now). Unfortunately my last antibiotics cure was not enough or the right one to kill the last batch of internal bugs. It means I'm currently on yet another antibiotics cure. Good news is that this time it seems to work. Bad news is that during the time I was sick the discomfort made it pretty hard to keep working on 4F related images. So there will be a bit of a gap between last image update and the next (My goal is always to (try to) do monthly uploads). I'll do my best to get next release out as soon as possible. Sincerely, -- Rick
  3. Thank you and welcome! Good to see you still around. Hi you! and welcome to my little corner on the internets.
  4. You're welcome! Hi! Stay tuned, there is some restraining in the pipe. Thank you and welcome! :)
  5. This is something I'm working on (too) at the moment. It contains some "spoilers" for when it goes up even tough I blurred some bits out. So if you rather wait till it's finished and online... don't click that button. :)
  6. This post concerns people who's subscription has ran out before or around June 2018 and are blocked from signing up again. If that happened to you and you like to reinstate your subscription contact me directly please. I will reissue your renewal by email at the old (5.- buck) price. What happened? A forum setting I wasn't aware of, a very stupid forum setting may I say so, blocked people from signing up again after their subscription expired. When I got aware of this I immediately changed this setting and thought that had fixed it. It sadly appears that this fix only works for subscriptions made after the change. Any expired subscription before the change is still blocked from signing up again if people wish to do so. Again, if you find your self unable to re-sign up again and you still like to do so, please contact me and I'll fix this. My apologies for the mess.
  7. And have a great 2019! So I've been trying past days to squeeze out a background for my first image of 2018. I had this free credits on Google Zync worth 300 bucks or so and decided to make use of it to get a feel for the service. Basically I setup my render as usual but instead of rendering it here out I let Google do it. It's probably best used if you do animations but I was "I don't do animations" so lets see how it works with stills. It's driving me crazy. One big problem is that you can't see the progress the render makes. Is it at 1/3, halfway? Almost ready? Your guess is as good as mine. So I cancelled my first render after 24 hours as it was too much even for Google. Then I tried what I am working on now as it's not as heavy. Before I go further I must explain that I learned to chop my renders up in parts. This way if something is wrong I notice it a lot sooner then if I wait for the entire render to finish. I gave Google Zync 1/3 and ran the same here to see how much if any benefit I get. Zync finished 2.5 hours earlier on this project on a 32 GB machine. I didn't try a 64GB machine as that costs too much to try things out and that would quickly gobble up all my credit. Plus thing is that I don't have to deal with the heat the render machine produces. And then I noticed something odd. The fog I have in my outdoor scene floated halfway in the sky. I do many, many, many many! pre-renders while I'm working at a background and I was sure the fog should be several meters lower. So I do a pre-render on my machine and yup, the fog floats way too high in the air. There's no reason for that but it is. I go back to an earlier backup file and check. My fog is positioned in the right place so I redo the fog, check it, check it again then send it renewed to Google. I go to bed, wake up happy happy as I have my first part rendered, check the file and the fog is once again up in the air. Not only in the render but also in my original file that I just hours ago had fixed! It's insane but somehow activating Zync lifts my fog up in the sky? Don't mind the little jump and missing figure, I had to use an old render but you can clearly see the fog jump up, which is Zync's work somehow. If it's at the bottom it is how it's before I use Zync, if it's up it's after using Zync. Mucho weirdo! So in the end I ended up rendering the background out myself. It sux because the background would had been ready by now if guggle hadn't fuggled my fog up. To be continued!
  8. As announced month's ago through my sporadic News Letter and once here on the 4Forums in a "scrapbook" post, today the price for subscriptions have changed. If you are on the old plan with recurring billing, nothing should change until you skip or cancel your recurring fee. To make things a bit more easier (you have to uncheck one check button) I've added a non recurring option too. New price is as mentioned before 14.95 a year with a option for recurring billing at 7.50 a year. https://4f-creations.com/site/forum/index.php?/forum/44-4f-subscription/ I'm still trying to add another payment option to this site next to Paypal because I know there's need for it.
  9. Hehehee, Apple keyboard = old texture. I'm still in the process of re-texturing the keys. As you mentioned it should be way easier to to that but even with your description I have no idea how to do that. I just couldn't resist with all the recent news about huawei to put that under my screens. I'm still debating if this is a separate from the rest mini story or if I insert it into the MNW-verse. If the later it will be 20-40 years before the main story so it's very good possible we'll see relics from the past show up like Apple or Huawei. You read my mind about the classic chairs. During modeling I could have sized the legs down to normal height but I liked the look of these high legs and gave it an 'excuse' as it being handy for when you're all day on high-heels. That briefcase, yah... How does a (classy) briefcase look in the future? I just needed something that in one glance said 'abandoned by an administrative/office worker' and this came out of it.
  10. Following up from the December 5 Works in progress I have a quick update. What I have in my head (what I want) is a 2-3 page "comic". But I'm not sure if I can enough material together for it. If not I'll switch to plain image with text thingy. I'll just have to wait and see where this "ship hits the shore". An interior I finished last week: This is another interior. One I'm struggling with for the past 2 days. A look from behind an information desk/reception. The goal is to we have someone leaning over the desk while we get a clue where or how this guest did arrive -> rocket like thingy in the back. Far from being a furniture crafter, I don't dislike how the chair in the back which I made yesterday turned out. It's made after I did some searching about information desks, more what I could find behind them which led me to the next image which made me realize I liked the chair so I decided to see if I could model it and use it in my scene. Prototype of an One person Rocket Glider (ORG) I slapped together yesterday. I didn't like the 'ORG' much yesterday but I had spend 6-8 hours behind the computer and it was time to call it a day so I turned on Netflix and the 3d season of 'Travelers'. This morning I decided to see what would happen if I took the prototype and started to refine it, It's far from finished but it's getting some character I think. Another thing I worked yesterday on is a 3D keyboard. That's way more work then I ever expected. Because I'm bad at UV mapping I'm forced to make for each key a separate texture then apply that to the key. Yesterday I worked on the far right side keys and realized that I didn't like how big the letters and numbers are. Which means I can manually redo all textures again. It's a good opportunity to start properly naming everything as naming things cube-cube-cube-cube/mat-mat-mat-mat etcetera isn't really helpful if you're looking for one specific material or object. Last wip contains somewhat of a spoiler so I turned it into a link (as I cannot seem to get the spoiler tag to work ). It's another interior with a big indication what's going on, so if you rather wait for the final image(s), do not click this link.
  11. I always try my best to do latex - fur combo's. It's always in the back of my head. My biggest problem, the fur covers up the shiny rubber.
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