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  1. Rick 4F

    July - 4F's work in progress

    Things like this make me sad, Firstly because one or more anonymous non representatives decide what you and I can or cannot see according to their set of rules in a way they find it proper to interpret said rules. Secondly because this site is blocked because of being categorized as "pornography". Pornography, printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement. I'm skimming borders sometimes, but displaying pornography? Really? I always thought it was in good taste. Nothing that cannot be witnessed by turning on Netflix or watching a music video clip (Beyoncé making suggestive moves while dressed in latex) or going to the beach (topless women abound). Must be me being Dutch. Where just used to too much. Ugh.
  2. Rick 4F

    July - 4F's work in progress

    I've updated the 'Shiny women' today with a few more files for those interested. Access is free you just need to ask. 🙂 Been working a bit on this interface as well. And this pilot chair which I need for a short scifi story, which is going to be fun. 🙂
  3. Rick 4F

    July - 4F's work in progress

    Let me continue (you probably already know this) by saying that I'm not a mask fan, or better a full face covering gas-mask fan. I like the above because it partially reminds me of an old young adult(?), low budget-like as in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (anyone remember that?) scifi series I saw a few decades ago ( I haven't got a clue what it was about or its name). One of the female rebels(?), she reminded me a bit of 'X-Men Rogue', was wearing a tight (yellow?) lower half face covering mask but it left enough room for the rest of her face to be expressive and I sort off fell in love with her eyes. I think it's sexy way of masks. But for me, anything more and there's a big chance it starts to creep me out. Not sure why, being afraid of suffocation may be a good root cause here. Back to the scene at hand. When I was connecting dots in my head a few months ago and came up with the story that lead to this scene I realized it couldn't be done without some sort of a gas mask/rebreather. I looked a bit around on "turbogreed" then decided to save me my money and build something my self. I did my best to have the straps not interconnect, at least not on the side of the face you can see. Except for the nose bridge (I'll shop that later on) this is as close as I could get to a 'this could be a real mask'. I don't think it's particularly sexy but it will serve its (evil) purpose quite well.
  4. Rick 4F

    July - 4F's work in progress

    So after a bit and a fair amount of spinning the camera's round and round, placing newly made 3D models in the scene and refine some of them, it's time to pin down the top view perspective camera and apply some light. The original model was standing on a beach. Blue light, probably from the sky, reflected down upon her head and shoulders. That I will later on easily reproduce by adding some blue luminescent computer screens behind her, or if you like "above", her head build into the "main frame computer" located there. There's on the original image of course global light from being outside on the beach which I slightly mimic with GI and an interior HDRI. The original image had the model's face lit up, most likely by the use of some reflection screens you can often see assistants to photographers drag around with them. That will become a spot light with some medium hard shadows which targets the 3D stand-in's face. Putting in a 3D scifi floor, I made a few month's ago for another failed top-down project, I end up with this: Next I refine the "mainframe" and add in the blue screens. Because those fall of the image I can skip adding some actual code gibberish there and simply stick with blue illumination. Then I move some things around and create big blocks of stuff you might find around if you where actually in this 'testing-facility'. It becomes pretty clear for me that this is one image that will look best in portrait mode. That's also partially because I don't want to take the current center of focus away to tons of 3D models that I have to build for the left and right side of this image to fill things up. I replace one of the clunky looking 3D models for something more realistic and refined and then ask the big question: will all this hard work pay off? Will these 3D models merge with the already partially latexified 2D model mix? There's only one way to know for sure, time to bring the 3D into the 2D and see. I had to darken the back and left side of her head but other then that she (almost) perfectly fits into the image and the restraints of this examination table. Then I just doodle a bit around in PS, see where cables might go, lock some evil device on her hips and see that a mask here wouldn't go too badly over. Time to get back into C4D and build one!
  5. Rick 4F

    July - 4F's work in progress

    I had given myself 1 more week of "vacation". Then again, vacation is overrated. I haven't had a proper one in over 3 decades , so bleh. I found myself after 1 week already back in the chair plunking down some idea's I had. I tried going deeper into Zbrush but watching the instructorial video's, I ehh, uhh, found myself with my eyes closed after a while. Not that they are boring or badly made but just watching and not doing a thing myself just made me doze off. So learning Zbrush is going to take a lot longer then I imagined. Anywho, you may remember this one, Rebbecca strapped down on a bench. (Larger versions you can get by just signing up for free, saying 'hi' in the introduction forum and you can grab it unedited just like that). I made a second version of this after 4Eyes was so kind to point out she would escape with not much effort in my first version. Still, I never liked the way it turned out. The biggest problem I had was with the top down view. It's just boring to look at. And the way she's strapped down, well that's not really all too restrictive. You can see her wiggle out of it. If she wiggles a lot. I started another CEI image a few month's ago from a 2D image where the girl was standing but could be seen too in a way as if she was laying down on her back. But the device/table she was laying in/on didn't properly get 'out of the paint' so to speak when I tried to build it in 3D, so I dropped it and moved on. Until I last month when I was watching one of the Zbrush video's that was less about Zbrush and more about concept artwork and I got this 'just-do-it-stop-thinking-just-do-it' vibe from that video (if you do any sketching your self I highly recommend it. It might give you some idea's or inspiration) and I picked it back up to give it another go. Previously I tried to build around and on top of the imported 2D image. That failed as it's really hard to figure out where what goes if you have an camera angle other then top view. So this time with my "new" posable figurine 'Latexina' I started to pose her as close as possible to the 2D image. Having something in 3D that resembled closely the 2D image I finally could properly position items around and on her. Sunken head cushion, neck strap, restrictive shoulder movement locks with more to come, there's not going to be any wiggling out this time.
  6. Rick 4F

    June - 4F's work in progress

    All that^ goes behind some of this (I'm still working on it but it's getting close), If I would had incorporated 1 girl it would be finished by now. Two latex clad babes just takes a bit longer.
  7. Rick 4F

    June - 4F's work in progress

    And after a bit and a re-render because instead of clicking the screenshot away I clicked (Ignoring the warning) the 3d scene that was rendering away... 👏 something like this (this is sized down but you get the picture). For those who want to know how to set this up I made the following chart with explanation; So how do you create an HDRI from your own Cinema 4D scene file? Well easy, once you have your scene file ready and properly lit and texturized you add a small 50-100 CM sphere at the center of it then you: 1 - Give that sphere a 100% reflective texture, and nothing else! 2 - Add 2 C4D tags to your sphere. A 'Bake Texture' tag and a 'Compositing' tag. 3 - In the Compositing tag you turn off 'Cast Shadows'. 4 - In the Bake tag under the 'Tag' settings you give your file a name (and location where its saved to). 4b - You set the Bake tag format to 'HDR'. 4c - You set a width and height for your HDRI 4d - Supersampeling can be turned off or on (Be warned it will significantly increase the Bake render time). Read the help files if you're unsure. 5 - In the Bake tag under the 'Options' settings you only switch on 'Reflection'. 6 - Hit the 'Bake' button and sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
  8. Rick 4F

    June - 4F's work in progress

    Screenshot where I'm currently creating a HDRI (bottom right tiny square) of this Cinema 4D scene to complete some additional items I need to finish of next image. Because those items (chains and maybe a few cables) have reflection I need to render them inside the scene to have them properly 'melt' into the environment. Now the big problem is that environment (the scene) is rather large and takes "ages" to preview in the view window. Then I remembered I could create an HDR image based off this scene, put that HDRI into a new empty scene on a sky object and have all the light information present without all the things that slow the original scene down. Ces très simple.
  9. Rick 4F

    May - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    Shiny lingerie in progress, a screenshot at 300%. Not sure if I'm going to meet my own set deadline for the end of this month, to have 2 new images ready, of which this is one, plus another chapter added to the MNW story line, of which the 2 images are part of. It may take a few days longer but so you know, they are on your way. The image with the earlier posted "medical equipment" might see the light of day next month. I'm not sure as it's challenging to merge the 3D tubes, sensors, wires, collectors and stimulators with the 2D uhh... "patient" and make it look convincing enough. I'll do my best tough.
  10. Rick 4F

    Trackers be gone!

    I already kicked any and all links to and from that awful farcebuwk from the 4F site into the dustbin. Decided today to remove a mayor tracker, google's analytics as well. I just asked myself do I really need it? As the answer was no it was removed.
  11. Rick 4F

    May - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    Ive added a few more images to the 'Shiny Women' club today after upgrading the software here. Grab those files and enjoy them while you can I'd say as in 2 month's IF the EU gets its way, no more uploads by me or anyone else (at least EU based I guess) will be possible (including meme images), unless author rights are paid. Mandatory filters placed on servers will then even prevent images without that from being uploaded. Somewhere it makes sense then again stuff like reposting Twitter images will e a no-go too. Going to be interesting IF the EU gets its way...
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  13. Rick 4F

    May - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    It's clear I'm not able to do "daily" updates here. Sometimes there is nothing to post, sometimes like last Monday I was writing something up, looked at the clock and noticed I was more then one hour further with not much to show for and I just moved back to doing 2/3D things. Typing stuff with 1 finger doesn't speed things up of course. Still my apologies, the intention is there it just doesn't work out, I'll just keep trying to update when I have something and am able to, ok? This is something I worked on last year but had to drop because the amount of polygons (it's part of a large cell block I'll show you a bit later), went somewhat out of the roof (it came close to 9 million polygons) and then I only had 1 wall and nothing else. I picked it up a few days ago and found some ways to be able to add more then just one wall while still being able to move around the scene with more then 1 FPS... That figure in her shiny catsuit is something new I'm currently trying out. I always use human (female) puppets/figures when I build my 3D scenes to (somewhat) get the proportions right of objects, heights of doors etc. You can always measure things to get things absolutely right, but I really suk at math and this is also a bit more appealing to my eye and as you can see, creates instant mini-stories while I build up the 3D environment. My old pal 'Rubberella' is an old Zygote figure with some go-go boots slapped on for proper high-heel heights and usually did her job well but when I tried to get her in a sitting position for example her torso detached from her hips and then I had to put her back together and well, she is a bit 'blocky' which when used for generating shadows is not optimal. An other option is to pose a figure in poser or Daz 3D then export it from there, then import it in Cinema 4D. That was all a bit to cumbersome to work with until I noticed I could export a puppet FBX with a rig. Enter 'Rubberella's' replacement 'Latexina'. There is some trouble tough like if after posing I forget to lock that pose and at some point do an 'undo' on something else in the scene her whole rig resets to the default pose and her shoes fall off. It's a bit weird behavior but not that a big deal.