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  1. We're here in the 'lowlands' at the end of another heatwave (temps above 25C) and I've just send a render off to Google's "Zinc", as with this heat it's not healthy to have 2-3 or even 1computer rendering a detailed background in an already warm (29C) work room. I'm still evaluating that service with my free trail but it's easy to setup, quick to launch and moves the render load (and heat) off and away from me. If I can keep my renders between the 5-10 bucks I might stick with it. What Zync is rendering now is an 'EI interior' scene that took a bit to put together but I think looks now pretty great. I started this mid section based on one drawing by creativore. The 'mutated' stem on the right was an experiment with the last plug-in I bought for the 3D program I use. Maybe something for later as I first need to figure out how to create a semi-transparent slimy gooey texture, that doesn't drive my render times into the sky and beyond. One thing I noticed over time is that an image becomes more interesting (at least for me) if you add differences in hight (plateaus). To get a bit more grip on that I added in these temporarily scientists. After a bit I decided on a camera angle and put two cylinders in to see how that would look as stasis pods. Yah, well, no. Didn't look like anything I like so I opened a new document and created something more inspired and put that in. This is sort-off ok but way too bulky and attention grabbing. I also don't like the huge rotation cylinders so it's back to the new document and remodel these "pods". This is a lot better with a more elegant rotating mechanism and not too much room inside the pod if its inhabiter wakes up. As usual I model more then you'll see in the render but it makes me feel better that this could work in reality. There's still some stuff missing but now after a while I have most things where I want them. So I open a new document and copy the models from this scene one by one over to the new scene. I start with the floor, texture it then copy the next thing over and texture that and so on, in a (slightly) structured and layered approach. And then after more time has past things start to look, interesting. This is somewhere around test render 20. I'm still tweaking things like light, glow and reflections, while continuing building up the background. Test render 28. I added a HDRI to see how it looked if I had some reflections and light from an industrial complex in this scene. I didn't build (this time), anything behind the camera. In another test I mirrored the front scene to the back and the only result was a render time that tripled. The HDRI did the same and gave off too much red light so after a few other test renders I removed it. As for the final result, you'll have to wait till I have everything for this image ready.
  2. No pictures this time just me moaning (a bit). First things first: I've just made some minor updates to the "Escape pod 16 image", where I removed some white spots on the left of the image and added a slightly modified harness to a second version. https://4f-creations.com/site/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/7567-escape_pod16_sd2jpg/ V2: https://4f-creations.com/site/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/7566-escape_pod16_sd2_v2jpg/ Bulk mail: I'm using bulk mail to tell people when there is something new. I keep that bulk mailing to the absolute minimum as I hate getting over-communicated with stuff myself. Currently there are +360 people on the mailing list. To send bulk-mail I must use a third party because my hosting company has a limit of emails I can send per hour which conflicts with the forum bulk-mail software. So after climbing some technical high mountains I got Sparkpost working. Three years ago they promised to have forever a free option to send under the 10.000 mails. Of course corporate greed knows no limit and they broke their promise this year. I either have to cough up 30.- bucks a month (to send 360 emails! Muhaghahaha), or be limited to 500 emails a month. So if I want to send 2 bulk-mails a month I'm sporked. But there is Sendgrid, who seems to be not yet corrupted by greed so I'm going to try to switch to that. Wish me luck as I have little knowledge about DNS, CNAMES value's and what not. Cinema 4D Talking about corporate greed, Maxon the company behind my favorite 3D application, Cinema 4D, fired its 3 founders and hired an Ex-Adobe guy. Do I need to write more? Last year the maintenance price went up by 50.- Euro to 550. That was ok because it has been that price for years.This year it's suddenly 720.- and they quit the maintenance option and have instead a nice phone-home every 14 days extortion in place. An subscription of course which means if you don't pay, you can no longer access your own files. There's still a perpetual license but everybody knows that's going the way of the Dodo soon. Being a loyal customer for 14 years or so holds apparently zero value for Nemechek/Maxon. Fine, they're no longer getting my money. So I'll stick with what I have until it stops working and then I'll switch over to Blender. In the meantime I try to make sometime free to roam around in blender to get familiar with it. One picture to end: No pictures I wrote... Ugh. That's not nice. Lemme see... This is as preliminary as it gets. See it as a sketch, nothing set in stone. Just trying to get a feel for it but I like the idea of zooming all the way out. Of course if this evolves into a final piece in some sort of form, I'll add a more zoomed-in version too.
  3. I think I made it that way in the past because a friend could not stop talking about seeing Jessica Biel being strapped in in the movie 'Stealth'. Although it has its charm.... It's a bit low tech though. I got some more advanced framing now. I still have to deal with sky_light. Meh, it was me being afraid, getting out of my comfort zone. I think I managed it, largely. In a way it's not hurtful to the eye. Still got some experimenting and practicing to do in that area. In a way, outdoors latex can create fantastic shine and reflections. In an other way, if you really look at the reflections, it can become pretty ugly with what it reflects not only going vertical but even upside-down. In that way I prefer the "sterile" studio reflections more then those outdoor.
  4. Heatwave in Europe and I'm thinking of women in latex. Madness, this is madness I say! Uhm oh, where wasI? After last upload I was 'hungry' for more and strolling through some old files I went for updating the 'EI' story line. Having set my mind on the featuring girl, I began figuring out the background. I'm still flip-flopping with that as it could be just before "the event" (don't seek too much behind that) or slightly after the event. Before: indoors high-tech, after: outdoors sky, water. Indoors means I have a lot to build but have an easy time with the shiny light reflections on the latex suit. Outdoors means a lot less building but getting the reflections on the suit right will be challenging if I want the woman to merge properly into the scene. So I made some things, put some HTML 5 together then started on the high-tech interior. First thing I made was this: More a 3D sketch then anything but sometimes you just need to let your "pen" go where it wants to go and see where it ends. I then realized that to fully understand how that interior (where the above would end up, or not), would look like was to build the outside first. Years ago, probably over an decade, I made this 3D ship for the 'EI' story I had in my head. Sadly it no longer is 'sufficient' for my needs so I began rebuilding it. Having the outer hull redefined I could start figuring out the interior. Yeah it's gone be small but it's not a luxury vessel, just enough room to do your thing and on occasion bump your head at the low ceiling. And there the flow of "what comes next" stopped. So I directed my attention towards the escape pod and ended up with this (still needs some work on the inside): And then I remembered an old image from the past (that I feel sort off failed) and I'm now thinking of doing a total rework of that one and skip on the interior idea.
  5. Me neither. :) New Harry Mudd wife?? = Can't be up to no good.
  6. If you're viewing the MNW or IE stories and you use for that the Apple Safari browser you'll "miss out" on some ambiance enhancing sound FX that auto load. Safari blocks Auto Play until there has been "user action" -> you *click* a button (mouse over events no-longer work since short) and from there on you've "agreed" to have sound auto-play for that specific document. It means I need to re-edit all scenes that load with sound that have auto-play to have a click-button (user action) first. I'm not too sure that will look anywhere near great. It's not impossible but requires time and I'm not too sure I'll implement these buttons as they will break most of the 'flow'. In the mean time there is a solution that you as Safari user can do though. You can go into Safari's preferences and for this website turn on "Allow All Auto-Play".
  7. Been a while so I "scraped some scrap" together to give some idea of some things I'm working on. Firstly 2 chest patches: I love making these. Usually they end up deformed, scaled down on a shoulder so they don't take front stage but this time they'll be presented fully frontal, left and right. Then there was this image that almost instantly started to 'spook' around in my head telling me this story. It's called 'The Auction' about a Princess up for sale, standing there rather stoic, more busy with herself (one of the reasons she ended up there) then the crowd around her trowing money at her display position in a bid to outbid each other. I have parts of the image somewhat foggy in my head but need to work on the details a bit more (something Arabic oriented with Jawa like creatures???). I did start working though on one of the greedy, grabby claws, eagerly reaching for the Princess ankles: I'm thinking of curving the left/right side so there's a more 'natural' and less static flow. Then yesterday a new idea for a new "infomercial" for the MNW storyline 'Core' section popped up in my head. You know with the Shárànda and Meganoid bits and pieces? I will try to keep it simple this time like the Shárànda part. Anyway on the left you can see the background as simple as possible which is rendering now as we speak. Those curtains take hours to finish. Next up part of a model I started to make when another image began telling me a story. The visible chain is one of 5 that work as guides for girl that is kept in this rather old cylindrical room. The problem with the story the image 'told' me is that it's somewhere in the 'middle'. So I need to figure at least how she escapes this room as it's hermetically locked off from where ever it is located. And then something that needs to be reworked from scratch. For some time now I wanted to make a 'sequel' to the X5 'space opera image. Trouble I put myself in is I want too much. Because of the low angle I wanted to enhance this by capturing this 'rising up' feeling with the launch-dock elevator, at the same time I wanted to have this huge rocket looming over the astronaut(s) and both without being an obvious copy of the 'X5' image. Anyway it's not working at the moment so it's "pinned" to the drawing board until I figure out how to re-approach this. Fortunately I got more then enough to do until that happens.
  8. Hi Peter and welcome! 100 catsuits in a month, that's quite an achievement! Love the little tour of your shop on that's on Youtube Glad to be of inspiration to you.
  9. Hi you too! Just doing what I love. Cheers & welcome!
  10. Cindy C... Poeh, I must say my mind is a bit foggy on that. Do you still have it can you show me? Ice cream screen... now there's an idea... In any case welcome! Thank you, glad you like and welcome! Sorry for the delay in reply. Thank you! Just trying to do my best. Welcome you too and my apologies for the belated reply.
  11. Welcome back you too! Thank you! Hi! Usenet, oh dear... Hi and welcome back!
  12. Thank you, glad to see you found me back. I have some new story media in the pipe. The program I use for that Tumult's Hype, updated today to version 4. One of the new things it has is the ability to use sprites. I have some vague idea's how to incorporate that into the story. Oh dear indeed! our robotic service module is →←↑↓ that way. Welcome onboard! Hiya, glad to have you onboard!
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