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  1. April - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    Worked a bit on this image today which is an additional image to the story with 'Anikio' and the crew of the (doomed) Chinese cargo vessel. You should be familiar with at least part of the background which I used for last years poster competition. If I finish this and one other image, which is also halfway, I can finally put up (a rather large) next chapter to the MNW (Mars Needs Women) story. Problem with this image is that I want my cake and eat it too. Roughly translated, I want depict a latex leotard over a rubber catsuit. But, with the transparent panels as they currently are that's not going to work, so I have to make a concession somewhere and I definitely want to keep the transparent latex panels. Maybe I just fuse the latex leotard with the catsuit, sort off 'best of both worlds', then cry a little bit. Adding to the hatch I made earlier I created a (slightly over)-detailed 3D (foot)light module today. Usually when people (me included) create light sources in windows etc. they select a part (polygon) of a 3D model, blap a texture with luminance on it and call it a day. I learned over time that with a little bit of extra work and ok your render time may suffer somewhat from it, you can get much more realistic results if you do not light the polygon directly but put the luminance behind that polygon and give the polygon you'd normally choose as light source some sort of transparency. Like I did here. The front part has a transparent (plastic) texture with a bump and normal on it for the triangular pattern and behind it I put a simple box with a luminance texture on it facing outwards. The reflection tells the 'story' best. There's also a contest over at the french monkey https://www.tfmstyle.com/contests. It's about using some 3D switches which you can download and must use to create an image with. Looking at one of the switches I got an idea. Not sure if I will finish it time wise but we'll see in any casel I got some free 3D switches and some homebred 3D cheese.
  2. April - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    Something else I put together the other day for maybe a reworked Mars Needs Women (MNW) image. I'm not sure just yet as the original image looks just fine. Wish I could predict the end result so I know f it's worth the time but my crystal ball went missing. I'll just keep building 3D models and see where it goes.
  3. April - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    Some context to the above, first picture some medical-tech devices (evil machines). I know where those go (cough), difficulty will be in keeping it sexy not smutty. We will see where it ends. Next 2 poster designs for the 'Sisters' running UP-University and 'Greys' a drug daily taken with some wild side effects. Designing that pill holder without any reference was kinda fun. Will put it up in the 3D section soon. Below that, some time later same building things do go wild with in a tentacled mayhem. The whole scene is ready I just need to work on the latex catsuit-ed student that is giving me some trouble. It's a very old (2003~ish) heavily reworked 'Castle of IE' image repurposed for this. Below that a 3D interior scene that kept growing and growing while I worked on it. Originally the camera was behind the most front 'Sisters 4U' advertisement concentrating on the corner and the world outside it. I just felt it was too confining moved the camera back and was "forced" to expand on what I had. I still need to figure out what to do in the right corner, or refine what's there. Also need to fix my glass mat. Behind the left doors is a long corridor with oval windows but now you only see the reflections of what's going on in the staircase (behind the door between the 2 '4U' posters).
  4. Nafessa.Williamsblack_lighting_h26.jpg

    It's a nice show. Far less silly then the Flash or Arrow these days (I liked the first 2 seasons before it went down hill). Only silly thing is that no-one seems to recognize Black Lightning suited up and go, 'hey, aren't you....?'
  5. shermoie - catwoman 1

    Ehhehe, somehow I missed that. oopsie.
  6. April - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    So peaceful. Quiet. Normal. Normal?
  7. Hi Rusty, welcome back!
  8. April - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    One more, related but not in the same way. :)
  9. April - 4F's Work(s) in Progress

    /me whistles...
  10. Joanie Brosas - cosplay 14

    If she where my partner and I was 20 years younger I wouldn't be behind my computer this much. Heck, I wouldn't be behind it at all!
  11. Nafessa.Williamsblack_lighting_h26.jpg

    There's some serious figure shaping going on underneath her latex catsuit. Hot, hot hot. (literally) Sadly this costume only lasts 2 episodes. After those her new suit is far less "comic book like" then this one. Still A+ from me for the effort.
  12. no title

    It's used for just that, becoming an advanced member by saying 'hi'.
  13. Hi there you too 392993 and welcome! 4chan... So I'm famous now? On to the getting rich part, right?