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Rick 4F

Subscription expired & locked out from signing up again?

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This post concerns people who's subscription has ran out before or around June 2018 and are blocked from signing up again.

If that happened to you and you like to reinstate your subscription contact me directly please.
I will reissue your renewal by email at the old (5.- buck) price.


What happened? A forum setting I wasn't aware of, a very stupid forum setting may I say so, blocked people from signing up again after their subscription expired. When I got aware of this I immediately changed this setting and thought that had fixed it.

It sadly appears that this fix only works for subscriptions made after the change. Any expired subscription before the change is still blocked from signing up again if people wish to do so.

Again, if you find your self unable to re-sign up again and you still like to do so,  please contact me and I'll fix this.

My apologies for the mess. :mad2:

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