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  1. Well this is new, more friendly, just Hi. Hi All. I still do not think I am a robot all though I am starting to get treated like one at work. I am not a number I'm a free.. And so on. Anyway all have fun and bring it on !
  2. This is one of those big paradox's, when a robot is programmed to fit into a human world, to believe their human. Would a robot say it's a robot. Would a robot know whether it is a robot.
  3. I know it is a pain but colleagues and friends of mine have seem the pictures, like the quality and complain if I reduce the file size. I do down size for my deviant art page the HDR picture 13828 tonemapped is a compressed 14-bit colour picture of 7378x4924, file size 25.9MB jpg file, but the original tif file was 207MB. A boring picture which would have no fans on your site. The nominal size of files you produce are big enough, sorry Rick I did not mean to spark such emotion, but I can remember when my camera had a 256MB compact flash card which would take me weeks to fill, now I am using 256GB and 128GB compact flash cards which last one session. The down side is the standard FD display will not allow the pictures to be view in the optimum way, you get moire fringing. Sorry I am going on and yu have more important things on your mind. Your doing a great job and I hope you keep it up.
  4. Well that about kills all my files, my typical picture is between 36.7mb and 46.1mb. Not that anyone would be interested in them. Anyway if I find a file worth posting I will reduce it to suit. Have fun, playing the game.
  5. Hi Roxy, I read one of your stories once, 'A Suction Story'. Only because it was in a Heavy Rubber Mag and illustrated by Tom Porta.
  6. Hey, :)

    If you want and create your own album I can move these images for you.


    Just let me know ok?


    1. dv8designer


      Hi Rick

      Cheers, not at present, if the page gets a bit crowded then may be.

      Keep up the great work.


  7. Hi Rick Glad to see your fit and active again. Keep up the great work and have fun. Gordon
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